tl:dr; version - I’ve integrated Disqus and now you can leave your (preferably polite) opinions and messages below each blog post.

Adding a comment system was, in my opinion until recently, a chore whose value addition didn’t seem to match the investment of time required.

That changed when a friend asked why I didn’t have comments on my blog, and I dismissed it saying it seemed to be too much of an effort for the ROI - and then I checked my blog traffic and noticed it was doing significantly better than when I last checked.

Consequently, it made sense to lower the barrier to entry to send a message regarding a specific article. (as opposed to the previous version where you would have to send me an email or ping me on LinkedIn/Twitter)

Integrating Disqus with Jekyll was also much easier than I expected, so here we are - with a nice, new and shiny comment system.

P. S. You get a digital fist bump if you can find the test comment used right after deploying the comment system. 😉